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Spring Time Pudding Night was a great success! Here’s to our next gathering later in the year but for now, have a read of what my lovely guests have to say about the night.

I went out with some mummies last night to @beththefreerangechef Pudding Night and one of the mummies piped up and asked me ‘so what are we having tonight’ Puddings I said and puddings we did get! And lots of wine and giggles! A marvellous idea and brilliantly executed by Beth who by the way has a 4 month old breastfeeding baby Esme. Her husband just brought her along to the evening and took her to her Mummy when she needed a feed! You should be proud, it’s bloody hard work and you nailed it. We women are something else! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 if we want to and are determined enough we can have our cake and eat it 🎂🍰 Follow her to join her for her next pudding night. 

Ping Coombes

It was SO difficult to chose a favourite.  Everything had just the right balance, nothing was too sweet and I did’t leave feeling like I’d been overdosed on sugary treats.  There were take away boxes to use but I have to say my friend and I cleared the LOT! Read the full review here…

Emma aka The Happy Wise Owl

” Great night out with friends. Amazing cakes and a fab atmosphere.’

” Loved the marathon of cakes and puds. Much more interesting than your standard desserts.”

” Excellent presentation and use of great quality ingredients.”

” Loved the ability to take bits home. Final dessert was the best!”

” I would come again and recommend to friends. Very generous portions leaving you very happy and full.”

” Couldn’t possibly give a favourite pudding as they were all amazing. Couldn’t believe some were gluten free and dairy free.”

” Your sensational culinary skills have sent me to my happy place! ”

” Lovely mixture of flavours on each platter. Profiteroles and treacle tart were stand out triumphs.”

” What a treat for a school night. See you next time.”


Feedback from other 2017 events

Pizza & Pudding Night from Sal’s Kitchen



“A fabulous foodie, she started out freelancing for FareShare South West’s Surplus Supper Club, which gave her a taste of catering for large numbers but also opened her eyes to the huge problems of food waste. Now she’s committed to seasonal ingredients and sustainability.”


#bathindiechat SupperClub @ Barton Street Wine Bar from Sal’s Kitchen



“The fabulous Beth, one of my #bathindiechat regulars, was in the kitchen, and created a delicious three course menu with a staggering 80% of all ingredients used being sourced locally – how awesome is that?”