Retreat & Private Chef

Sometimes there are things in life that you should say ‘yes’ to without thinking, rationalising or worrying over. With every action we decide to take there is a chance that things could go wrong. But there is also the possibility that it could be amazing. Going to work at In Sabina in 2014 was definitely a decision to be taken quickly before my brain reminded me that I don’t speak Italian, I’m not a natural traveller and two months is a long time to be away from the husband and guinea pigs. But when someone asks if you want to chef at a vegetarian yoga retreat an hour from Rome, it would be ridiculous to say anything but ‘yes’.

Whilst discovering my true creative passion in Italy, I met some wonderful people, Rachel Bonkink being one of them. A yoga teacher who brought several groups to the retreat, I had the pleasure of feeding her and her yogis and as well as following some of her classes (when you could drag me out of the kitchen). She has given me the opportunity to go on and chef with her in other venues around Europe and Morocco, exploring and developing my love of vegetarian cooking.

With a little break from the travelling side of things for a short while to have a baby, I’m looking to continue my creative journey in the future with plans to chef at a monastery in Wales with a local yoga teacher in 2019.

If you would like to chat about the possibility of working together in the UK or further afield, please do get in touch and we can hatch some exciting plans!


Ibiza Yoga Retreat

IMG_9537_2” It is so hard to choose favourite dishes because there wasn’t one I didn’t love. In N.Y we are surrounded by Italian restaurants but your Parmigiana Melanzane was the best I ever had!”

” I never imagined veggie food could be that wonderful. I loved the spring rolls, beetroot gazpacho. noodles with cashew and chickpeas…”

” I just love your food. Please can I take you home?! I never imagined that vegetarian food could be so great.”

” Thank you so much for making non-dairy food non-boring. I really appreciated all the variety you gave us all and also the inclusiveness of making non dairy/non gluten food and desserts.”

” It was healthy but very very tasty. Every day another meal, inspired by another country. And your singing, your passion and the colours of the food made it complete.”

” Beth, I’ve had the best week of food ever and have looked forward to every one of your culinary delights. You are like a fairy with all your sprinklings of goji berries, nuts and chia seeds.”

“Your food is amazing. Don’t you ever stop cooking!”